#1. Attitude

I’d say 80% of the people who come in my door dread the idea of having their photo taken.  They are coming here because they “have to.”  A few even said they would rather go to the dentist.  That is why I specialize in “pain free” photography.  But still, it will help you to know a few things before you come in.

The first is:  You’ve got this.  You’re a professional.  You are good at what you do.  This photo is to complement to you.  (Watch my video about Confidence and Approchability for more on that.  )

Secondly:  Be prepared for the normal human reaction when it comes time to look at your photos.  Because of the high-pressure veneer society we live in, you are going to see your physical flaws in that photo.  But that’s not what I see.  I am going to see all of your perfections in that same photo. 

So for example, what I see in my photos is that I have rabbit teeth, a freaky eye, 11 lines in my forehead, huge nostrils, a jowly mouth and a pug nose.  And the fact that I am now in my 40s. 

But if I’m in my photo session, feeling that way about myself, do you think I’m going to be able to get a photo that is confident and approachable?  Yikes.

Third:  to get my point on this, check out this video, which is a pretty amazing, by Dove: 

Fourth:  If you tend to be a little hard on yourself, I want you to watch a TED talk by Ann Cuddy, entitled “Your Body Language May shape who you are.” 

Fake it untill you make it!

One of the points I want you to take away from that is to fake it until you make it.   To clarify, I do not want to get a fake picture out of you.  But the point is, the more confident that you can build yourself up for your picture session, it’s going to help you get a better picture that day.