Learn Your Platforms Language 

Each platform has its own language to master in order to be fully successful. It’s okay to cross-post for some content, but not always. Each platform has its own niche, and you want to make sure you’re posting with that in mind. In fact, you will probably gain more engagement if you mix it up between the platforms, as you will reach a larger audience.  

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is going to be the most diverse from the rest. While it is a social platform, it is geared towards professional specifically. It’s more person networking and general brand awareness than it is a social, engagement site. Think of your LinkedIn page as an interactive resume. You can also update it with relevant news about your work and any company news. You want to make sure that any content you do post, is professional and specifically related to your work.  

Facebook – Facebook is a great place for two things – posting larger content, and promoting your other social platforms. Research has shown recently that video posts have reached the largest audience and gained the most engagement. Facebook Video ideas include – How-To guides, and “Blog Post Summaries”. You want your video to be educational so people enjoy watching and get something out of it, but also approachable enough that its enjoying to watch. Facebook is the easiest and fastest to share as a viewer. Remember to take advantage of the live feed function. 

Instagram – Think of Instagram as a digital interactive photo gallery. It’s not the place for infographics. Use your best high-res photos to promote and showcase your brand. Instagram is one of the most used, most interactive social platforms. On Instagram a great photo isn’t enough, it needs to be paired with unique, interactive copy (or caption) in order to maintain interest from your followers. Keep your brands personality up by keeping a consistent tone. Instagram is probably the most personal of the platforms, due to its stories and highlights features. Use stories to create and hold dialogue with your followers. 

 Twitter – Twitter is a great place to post quick headlines. Alert your followers of something quick, like an upcoming promotion or update. You can also use Twitter, similar to Facebook, as a way to point interest towards your other social media platforms. 

 Pinterest – Pinterest is a great way to spread educational information through infographics and step-by-step photo guides. People use Pinterest almost as a way to collect ideas, and learn quick tips, tricks, or life hacks. Take your relevant blog posts and draft them into a cute infographic to teach something. 

Social Media – Make it Work for Your Business.  

  In today’s world, it’s absolutely key to create and maintain a social media presence in order to maintain a successful business. In this blog post, we’re going to create kind of a road map to promote yourself successfully on social media.   

  1. Pick Your Platform. The first step, is to decide which platforms make sense for your business. Particularly at the beginning, it will be easier to focus on a couple rather than try to conquer them all. While there are many options, the tops tend to be – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.  
  1. Cross-Reference. Once you’ve narrowed down your particular top picks for social media platform, cross-reference it with your target audience and competitive business’. If your competition is on a particular platform, you want to have a presence on the same one, in order to remind people that you’re there. You also want to let yourself be known where you know you’re target audience is. If you’re not quite sure, you can always try a couple out, look at the analytics, and see what’s most successful for you.


  2. Why Social Media? Before you can begin to post content, copy, or articles to promote yourself, you need to have a goal in mind. Some goals include – raising sales, raising brand awareness, raising foot traffic, etc

  3. Create GOOD Content. Social Media only works if you work it. Just because you have something out there, doesn’t mean it will help you reach your goals. Quality Social Media content is a combination of good photos, copy, and a consistent brand personality. A great way to create brand personality is to put a face behind the business. Our Pittsburgh Photographers can help you create and share the perfect image with a company headshot.


  4. Be Consistent. Consistency, consistency, consistency. We can’t stress that enough. This is true through quantity of content, quality of content (whether this be articles, videos, or photos), quality of copy, tone, and personality.


  5. Find Your Voice. Each and every business needs to have a consistent (yes, there’s that word again), voice with their social media business. How do you want to engage with your viewers? Do you want to be sassy, cheesy, light-hearted, serious? 
  1. Keep the Conversation Going. Remember, social media is about keeping a two-way conversation, NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT. Show you audience why they should use your product, or follow you, rather than telling them. As soon as you begin to “over-sell” to the viewers, they’ll get bored. 
  1. Check-In. The world, and social media, is constantly changing. The most important part is to stay relevant, and even ahead of the trends if you can. Watch your engagement online to see what works, and what doesn’t. You can do this either from watching the analytics or simple keeping an eye on your most recent posts and comparing them to those in the past. 

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