Pittsburgh Passport Photo

 Ever frustrated at the countless attempts (and rejections) of your passport photo submissions? Ugh, trust me, we get it! That’s why as a Pittsburgh Passport Photographer I have been trained on capturing the perfect shots that’ll be as easy to submit as they are to look at. 

Every Country has it’s own rules and guidelines for their passport photos. Today we’ll give you a quick overview on what’s involved in taking passport photos.

Taking Your Passport Photo


  • Color photos only.
  • Must be taken in the last 6 months.
  • Must be clean photo – no filters.  
  • No selfies. (Keep those for Instagram!)
  • Use white, or off-white, background.  
  1. One, two, three … Pose!
  • Look directly at camera – Save all your best poses for a later photoshoot!
  • Keep a neutral facial expression! 
  • Keep eyes fully open.
  1. Wardrobe 
  • Let’s see those eyes – no glasses. 
  • Regular day-to-day outfit (no uniforms). 
  • Take off any hat or head coverings. 
  • No headphones or wireless hands-free devices. 
  • Ladies – we love the jewelry, as long as it’s off the face. 

Jen Barker Worley Photography
555 Grant Street, Suite 337 Offices at the William Penn Pittsburgh, PA 15219


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