LinkedIn Profile Photography

Why do we use LinkedIn? We use it to connect with other professionals, and maybe even potential clients. Let’s make sure to be giving out the right impression of ourselves. Research shows that your profile picture will be that determining factor of whether someone continues to look at your profile or not. Anyone who sees your LinkedIn page will first click n your profile picture. If they like what they see, they may continue to look at you. If they don’t, they’ll move on. According to research, you have 7 seconds to make a first impression on someone. Jen is a expert LinkedIn portrait photographer and expert expression coach.  She will guid you to get the best shot possible. 

1. Composing the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture. Let’s start by focusing on your composition. Your photo should be neither a full body image nor a face-only. You want the sweet spot in between. We want to see your shoulders, your face, and some of your background. Whatever you do, make sure to take up the full frame. There’s nothing anybody hates more than having to squint at your image or not be able to see you at all. As a Pittsburgh photographer that is especially trained I will help you get this balance just right for you. 

Your image backdrops. Remember, this is a corporate headshot. But it’s okay to use a more colorful, fun background for LinkedIn. But we have found that a solid color, like a light grey, a dark grey or, solid white background not only to lessen any distraction but also highlight yourself more in the photo. 

2. Personality Meets Professionalism. Your LinkedIn profile picture, like a business headshot, should be a mixture of professionalism and personality. The Idea of an extremely serious headshot has become very dated.  The key is to look friendly and approachable, with a genuine smile or natural face, to encourage connection with other professionals.  This may seem daunting, but don’t worry about it! We’re here to help you capture the perfect facial expression. 

Part of bringing out your personality means looking like yourself. Nobody wants surprises when it comes to your online self. While your hair, wardrobe, and makeup (especially ladies) might enhance your beauty, it should still look natural. People are looking to work with you, and they want to know who they’re working with. 

 You’ve gotten your image, now what? Don’t over-edit your photo! No filters!  LinkedIn not Facebook or Instagram.  Keep your image a sharp, clean-looking, natural photo.  We provide you with a final image that is perfectly sized and cropped for LinkedIn.

3. Your Business Best. Wardrobe, our favorite topic. We talk about this in almost every article, but it’s just so important. For your LinkedIn profile you want to wear something that you would wear to your workplace. It should represent you at your day to day business best.

Hopefully these tips will help you take and upload your LinkedIn profile picture. Remember, this will be the first thing anyone looks at on your page, so make it the best, and most accurate, representation of yourself you possibly can! 


Jen Barker Worley Photography
555 Grant Street, Suite 337 Offices at the William Penn Pittsburgh, PA 15219


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