5 ways to take better photos with your cell phone

iPhone Photography – Let’s Get More Advanced.  In a previous blog article, we talked about the basics of shooting a great photo with your iPhone. Today, let’s experiment with some more fun modes the iPhone offers.

  1. Time It Right. Have you ever tried the self-timer on your iPhone? You might think it’s only for those group selfies (well, yes sometimes) but it actually has many useful functions. For one, it can help you capture any shot when you’re by yourself. Set your iPhone up for your desired shot, pick the number of seconds you need, and go for it! Play around with some action shots! Using the timer function also gives the camera the ability to take the photo without being touched – therefor avoiding any opportunity of blur or shakiness in the picture.


  2. (Portrait) Picture Perfect. Our iPhones come with a variety of different modes. One of our favorites is the portrait mode, obviously not perfect for true portrait photography but you can still get some nice photos. The mode automatically focus’ in on your main subject while simultaneously blurring out the background for you. You’ll notice the photo will look much more zoomed in than normal, forcing you to move back a little bit farther than you expected, but what you’re going to be able to capture. We find it’s the perfect function for candid photography as well!

  3. Burst! While we’re on the topic of the different modes, of course we have to talk about the iPhones burst feature. This mode continuously takes ten photos each second. Particularly helpful when taking photos with movement, this feature allows you to capture precise movement. We know from experience trying to capture exactly the right moment gets stressful, but not anymore! All you need to do in order to activate burst mode is to hold down the shutter button.


  4. Time-Lapse. One of our favorites is the time lapse, because it’s just purely an awesome feature. One of the modes at the bottom of the camera app, simply open it, set your camera where you want it and let it run. Time-lapse is a style where the pictures are taken at a much slower frequency. You are then given the option to “play it back” at a normal speed – making the video look as if time were moving quickly.


  5. Take it Live! Have you ever tried using the camera in live photo mode? It looks and feels as if you are simply capturing one moment, in reality the camera is recording not only the shot but the 1.5 seconds before the shot. It is capturing both the video and the audio.  This is perfect as you can chooes the frame you want for the perfect shot.

iPhotography: Let’s Get Candid

Have you ever tried taking a Portrait shot on your iPhone? Headshots and business shots are incredible tools.  But sometimes for a simple facebook post or family shot it would be nice to be able to take the best photo possible with cell phone..

Find Aesthetic. In today’s world, almost everywhere you go will provide an artsy background for the perfect candid portrait shot. Whether it’s a restaurant, a cute street, or even that cozy nook of your favorite coffee shop, our guess – it’ll make a great backdrop. The point of your candid is to capture a true moment in your life. Unlike a professional headshot, don’t spend time scouting the perfect background – make wherever you are work!

 Change the Perspective. When I say this, I don’t mean overwhelm your subject with a million shots. Getting a good candid is all about showing the best of your subject.  Of course matching the quality of a professional photoshoot is not the goal or even possible with a cell phone.  That perfect look and expression comes from having a professional expression coach during a professional headshot photoshoot.   But you usually don’t have a professional photographer with you 24/7 or when you take the kids to Kennywood.   Candid’s are a great place to show different perspectives. Rather than having your subject straight in front of the camera as you might usually do, experiment with different angles. The photo you capture should show perspective – either theirs on the world, or how the world views them. 

 Get Comfortable. Being the subject in a photo can be hard! Particularly if you’re not used to it. Candid’s are a great way to help a subject get not only comfortably but confident. Oftentimes photographers will start a shoot – particularly a more serious business shoot – with some candids to help loosen up a bit. Your job behind the Iphone is to not miss any of those beautiful impromptu moments.

 Make It a Portrait. We found that using the portrait mode on your iPhone gets a great candid. It has a beautiful dramatic feature where it blurs out the background. This mode will also force you to back up a little bit, because of how intensely it focuses up close. Backing up for the photo will not only make you think a little extra about your composition, but it will also put some distance between you and your subject. This may just help your family member or friends feel more natural and comfortable.


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