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Your Skin and Makeup

Your Skin and Makeup

Skin and Makeup Our skin is our largest organ and probably our most abused. So, starting ideally a week before your photo session, show your skin more than usual kindness.  Wear sunscreen, don’t get burned.  Stay hydrated.  For every cup of coffee or serving of...

Free Headshot Photo

Facebook came to Pittsburgh last week for two days of marketing training for business owners.  It was a very well done conference and they also were providing free headshots for everyone that attended. Could a free headshot work for your professional or even personal...

Photoshop: Don’t end up like Yoda

I found this photo on facebook today and it really made me laugh.  Yoda has a few wrinkles, its true, but too much photoshop and he doesn't really look like Yoda anymore. The same thing can happen to your photos and you don't want that.  We do light touch ups because...