Pittsburgh Headshot Photographer

Our goal for your professional headshot:

The best “you” based on how you want to market yourself.   I take headshots that highlight your confidence and approachability.  The only Pittsburgh headshot photographer that helps your grow your personal brand.  Find out more

As an expression coach, I help you feel completely comfortable behind the camera.  Together we will capture the perfect expression for your professional headshot.  

Your professional headshot is more important than ever.   As a Pittsburgh headshot photographer that specializes in headshot photography I will help you get your best headshot ever.  

Every headshot session includes the following:

Immediate photo-proofing

Our “see-as-you-go” approach helps you get your best photo.

We do this on location as well.  No more waiting on emails, saving your valuable time and effort.

Digital file and licensing

We provide a digital file and licensing for your finished, re-touched photo(s).

 *Length & terms

Personal branding directory

 With placement in our  “Pittsburgh Professionals on the Movedirectory, your listing is SEO optimized to boost your website, LinkedIn page, and unleash your personal brand accros social media platforms.  Be found on the internet like never before.

A $200 annual value free of charge 

Please call or email Jen for information about corporate rates and photo shoots at your location.


Types of headshots and backgrounds

True Headshot

The modern standard.  Head and shoulders.

Headshot and torso

Older style.  A little more body.

Headshot to half

Past the waist.

White background

Light grey background

Mid-grey background

Dark grey background

This is a head and shoulders shot.

Outside digital

Standard and custom available.

Inside digital

Standard and custom available.

Preparing for your headshot!

#1. Attitude

Would you rather visit the dentist than get your photo taken?  Then this video is for you.  More helpful info here.

#2. Skin and makeup

Even guys should watch this one!  Cause we all have skin.  More helpful info here.

#3. Clothing, jewelry, glasses

Just a few pointers on what not to wear.  More helpful info here.

#4. Hair

A few helpful tips.

#5. License

I know you need your digital files.  We give them to you, but please watch this video to see exactly what you photo license covers.

The Pittsburgh Headshot Photographer and LinkedIn Profile Photographer

In today’s corporate world, much of the networking we do is online. That’s why personal branding for your LinkedIn Profile is more important than ever.   Having a high-quality professional LinkedIn profile photo by the best and highest reviewed Pittsburgh headshot photographer…  that is your first impression with the public.  Jen Barker Worley Photography has helped hundreds of CEOs and Pittsburgh executives present the professional image they need to be successful.  You can find our portraits on many Pittsburgh law firms’ websites and press releases, on websites and social media of Pittsburgh celebrity real estate agents, book covers of Pittsburgh writers, startups, and successful Pittsburgh entrepreneurs.

 Invest in yourself, as it could be the most profitable investment you’ve ever made. 

If you are searching for a “LinkedIn Photographer near me,” you are at the right place!  We not only provide you with an amazing LinkedIn profile photo, but by adding your bio to our directory Pittsburgh Professionals on the Move, we SEO optimize your listing to give your LinkedIn Profile a boost in a Google search.

Your LinkedIn profile or headshot may be the very first impression that a potential employer or client has of you. Don’t let it be their last.

Although a makeup artist is not required for your session Jen Barker Worley Photography highly recommends having one to ensure the best results.