Jen’s goal for your Portraits:

To create career making photos, that bring out your best, while still looking just like you. Whether it’s action shots, or a specific color background you need to match your website… we’re happy to work with you to meet your creative director’s specific requirements.

We have extensive experience creating portraiture for legal and health professionals, we’d love to work with you!

Studio and Environmental portraits for doctors and staff, can all be done on location.

Every portrait session includes the following:

Immediate photo-proofing

Our “see-as-you-go” approach helps you get your best photo.

We do this on location as well.  No more waiting on emails, saving your valualbe time and effort

Digital file and licensing

We provide a digital file and licensing for your finished, re-touched photo(s) *Length & terms

Personal branding directory

With placement in our  “Pittsburgh Professionals on the Move” directory, your listing is SEO optimized to boost your website, LinkedIn page, and unleash your personal brand accros social media platforms.  Be found on the internet like never before.

A $200 annual value free of charge

#1. Attitude

coming soon

#2. Skin and makeup

coming soon

#3. Clothing, jewelry, glasses

coming soon

#4. Hair

coming soon

#5. License

I know you need your digatal files.  We give them to you, but please watch this video to see excatly what you photo license covers.